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DEQX XS-1 USB-Audio 24/192

DEQX XS-1 Asynchronous USB-Audio 24/192
This digital input board for the DEQX HDP-Express II, PreMATE and HDP-4 processors allows you to hook up your DEQX straight into your Windows or Mac based music servers. If you use a music server this is the best sounding way to get sound into your DEQX!


  • Supports sample rates from 16bit/44.1 kHz - 24bit/192 kHz .
  • Asynchronous.
  • No 5v power connection to computer - powered internally from ultra clean DEQX power supply.
  • I2S interface to elimanate conversion to SPDIF and reduce jitter.
  • Independant regulated clocks.
  • No drivers required for Macintosh OSX
  • Windows Drivers supplied for XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 32&64bit.
  • DEQX HDP firmware update supplied on disc.

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