About DEQX

DEQX is an Australian company founded in Sydney Australia in the mid-1990's under the name Clarity EQ Pty Ltd. Clarity EQ changed its name to DEQX Pty Limited in May 2003 to better reflect the company’s leading-edge digital loudspeaker correction, crossover and room compensation technology.

A world leader in DSP, the company’s unique measurement, calibration/correction algorithms and phase-correct DSP-based crossovers exploit the full potential of floating-point Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for audio.

The DEQX founders and R&D team have a three-decade history of pioneering digital audio innovation. Recognition of individual achievements includes a special award for Services to Audio from the Audio Engineering Society (AES) based in New York for developing the Sound Sampling Synthesizer and Computer Music Sequencing. Industry commentators have noted: "In the audio engineering world their DSP board must be considered the state-of-the-art, bar none."

The principals of DEQX were pioneers in the concept of speaker correction – not just the inordinate frequency-response errors all speakers make, but even more importantly correcting the extraordinary timing/phase-response errors that only loudspeakers introduce. DEQX was the first company to introduce low-latency impulse response correction for speakers. EMI’s famous Abbey Road studios were early adopters and calibrated their surround mastering room with DEQX processors.

DEQX were also the first to develop software enabling perfect integration of their processors with any type of system. They were also the first to offer remote online speaker analysis, advice and installation support.