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Serhan Swift partners with DEQX at HiFi 2024 Sydney - room 912, Level 9. ... See MoreSee Less

Serhan Swift partners with DEQX at HiFi 2024 Sydney - room 912, Level 9.

Serhan Swift partners with DEQX at HiFi 2024 Sydney - room 912, Level 9.

Serhan Swift will be officially launching their long-awaited floorstander, the mu3F – everything you’ve come to know and love in their world acclaimed mu2 Mk II standmount speaker – precision, musicality, big sound - just more!

Plus more sensitivity/acoustic output, more bass extension, more power handling.
(At HiFi2023 the mu2 Mk II was judged one of the top 3 rooms. In his comprehensive review in Australian HiFi and What HiFi, Greg Borrowman repeatedly used the word “exceptional”.)

We are proud to be partnering with another Australian company, DEQX, and showcasing their brand new Gen4 LS200 amplifier/streamer/processor with the mu3F’s. A world first.

This unit provides a stunning, powerful integrated amplifier with almost immeasurable distortion; ESS Sabre ADC and DAC; Volumio Roon enabled streaming – in other words, a complete package.

Of course, DEQX world leading speaker calibration, room correction and subwoofer integration DSP software and hardware is featured. While overcoming most room and subwoofer problems, DEQX have also managed to all but eradicate the distortions and artifacts that plague almost all other DSP ‘s, resulting in sound that is supremely accurate, while also musical, engaging and never fatiguing.

Also on show will be the mu2 Mk II, as well as our “surprise system”, and Wand arm, turntable, phono stage, and battery power supply from Design, Build, Listen (NZ).

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Speakers are fantastic. Dynamic and vg bass size, clean and well control.


Gen-4 introduces a new class of audio product!

The DEQX Gen-4, with its exceptional Streamer, Preamp, and integrated amp in the LS200, revolutionizes audio realism by actively improving the native performance of any loudspeaker. Gen-4 models like the Pre-8, Pre-4, and LS200 calibrate the Impulse Response of loudspeakers, ensuring coherent arrival of frequencies in-time and at the correct volume. These models also address room acoustics and personal EQ preferences, making them a new class of audio product.

Gen-4 is a complete redesign of our original DSP hardware and Windows software, which introduced the industry's first FIR-based loudspeaker calibration with steep linear-phase crossovers and low latency. Now, with powerful multicore ARM 64-bit 2Ghz CPUs, Gen-4 offers an order of magnitude improvement in calibration resolution over previous models.

Our user interface is being completely rewritten as a web app connecting to our Gen-4's ARM CPUs and DEQX-Cloud, providing analysis and private storage for easy access via any web browser running on PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile devices. This enables native speaker calibration before applying room correction and personal preferences, with OEM and DIY speaker designers having full access to all parameters.

Gen-4's hardware features ESS’s top-tier Professional Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Converters, low-noise power supplies, minimal clock jitter, and high-resolution hardware Sample Rate Conversion. It also includes a custom Dynavector Moving Magnet phono preamplifier.

Pre 8 ready for DEQX active…

Gen-4 allows remote analysis to monitor the status of units and even upgrade hardware performance over-the-air (with user permission). Ethernet and Wi-Fi enable music selection and control via smartphones and tablets, while the IR remote offers basic control.

With our custom Volumio streaming feature, you can access millions of uncompressed tracks from Tidal and Qobuz (subscription required) as well as thousands of international radio stations. USB audio, digital and analog external sources, Bluetooth, and Airplay are also supported. Outputs include balanced and unbalanced analog, and S/PDIF digital outputs for the Pre-8 and Pre-4.

The Pre-8 Gen-4 model revolutionizes high resolution audio by introducing next-generation 'active' loudspeaker architecture. Active speakers, preferred in recording studios, offer superior accuracy and dynamics. This architecture allows separate amplifiers for sub-woofers, woofers, midrange, and tweeters, optimizing power and resolution.

DEQX Active takes two steps beyond traditional DSP-based active speakers by providing steep linear-phase filters and individual driver Impulse-Response corrective calibration. This minimizes crossover distortion and largely restores original phase/timing and volume at all frequencies.

The Pre-8 allows 4-way active or 3-way plus subwoofer/s configurations and can also be used with traditional passive Hi-Fi speakers. It performs detailed room correction using FIR calibration and/or multiple bands of parametric EQ with real-time control.

We genuinely value our Beta members' support and are delighted to offer significant savings as a mark of our thankfulness. Our persistent efforts to improve our latest DEQX powered products are fueled by your continual support. This isn't merely a special deal—it's an authentic expression of our gratitude.

Click here to become a Pre-8 Beta member and place your order!
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Burning in.

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shipping starts this week to Beta software members. Software is expected to remain Beta until late Q2.

The light at the end of a long dark tunnel! Congrats guys!

Yes, what a wonderful sight, when can it be bought ?

What a wonderful sight! Do you have any information on when you start sending them out?

curiously, how many hours are they burned in?

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Ready for burn-in testing! Getting close! ... See MoreSee Less

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They are FINALLY here!

Oh Boy Can’t wait!!!😝

Excited! Are you still offering trade in on earlier DEQX models?

Nice. Greeting from Sumatra island, south east Asia

How is the ROON cert process going for the Gen4?

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StereoNET Reviewer, Paul Sechi caught up with Kim Ryrie, the co-founder of DEQX and inventor of the world-famous Fairlight CMI, at the 2023 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi & AV Show.

#stereonet #audiophile
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Photos from DEQX by Kurizz-Labo's post ... See MoreSee Less

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