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The DEQX Home Audition program is designed to provide an optimal experience in conjunction with our DEQXpert service, with no risk!

A DEQX Home Audition is more than a money back guarantee. A DEQXpert will advise you to ensure optimal setup and use. Your relationship with DEQX does not end at the conclusion of the Home audition; DEQX is committed to providing on-going support.

  • Prior to the Home Audition, DEQX will consult with you to determine the best configuration.  In some cases, this may involve suggestions relating to the current system, placement and/or alternatives.

  • All Home Auditions come with our DEQXpert online installation service. DEQX is a very flexible processor and can be configured in multiple ways.

  • Finally, after you have had a week or two of serious listening, DEQX will contact you again to see if the system needs any additional “tweaking”.

DEQX Home Audition is currently available in the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. For other countries, please select "Other" in the form below to let us know that you are interested.

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Note: While active speakers can be accomodated in the home audition, the included DEQXpert consulting time is generally limited to two hours. You will need to plan carefully to get most effective use from the available time.
This is the country in which the DEQX home audition will take place.

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