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Included with every new DEQX

Every purchase of a new DEQX includes an initial remote/online DEQXpert™ consultation to get you started with your new DEQX. It's also an integral part of our Home Audition program.

How it works

  • The DEQXpert connects to your computer over the Internet. You'll be instructed on how to position the speakers and where to place the calibrated measurement microphone.

  • The DEQXpert runs the DEQX-Cal software on your computer to measure and create correction filters tailored to your speakers. Repeat for subwoofer calibration and room correction.

  • The DEQXpert uploads correction profiles to your DEQX. Play music through any source to audition them. Select them with a remote, and tailor the sound with Preference EQ. Enjoy!

†HDP-Express II excluded
* Additional fees apply

Book a DEQXpert
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Note that free initial DEQXpert consultation is not provided for HDP-Express II.
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DEQX information

When we say DEQXpert, we mean expert

The DEQXpert service offers much more than calibration of your speakers. DEQXperts are able to offer advice on all aspects of DEQX usage.

Building or redoing your listening room? Ask a DEQXpert for advice that will optimize the final result after DEQX calibration.

Home theater? A DEQXpert will help you optimally configure your new home theater with DEQX on all channels.

Going HD-Active? A DEQXpert can advise you on the most suitable platform to use to implement HD-active for your needs.

OEM? A DEQXpert can advise you on the best approach to implementing DEQX in your product.