Can I measure a bi-amp passive speaker with DEQX?

Yes as DEQX allows separate speaker measurements for bass and mid/high combo drivers where typically the bass is separately driven from the mid/highs. In this case one DEQX option is to provide further crossover filtering in addition to the existing in-speaker network.

How does subwoofer integration work?

There are four aspects to the DEQX approach to subwoofer integration:

  1. Nearfield correction of subwoofer response
  2. In-room measurement of the subwoofer(s) and parametric EQ correction
  3. Timing measurement to correctly set the delay between the subwoofer and speakers
  4. Steep slopes to minimize localization and interaction.

It’s not rocket science but it works remarkable well, when done well.


Should I use mono or stereo subwoofers?

Use the stereo subwoofer setting when you have two identical subwoofers positioned near to or behind the speakers. In this situation, the stereo subwoofers augment the speakers as though they were much larger/more bass-capable speakers. Use the mono subwoofer setting when you have a single subwoofer, or a group of subwoofers that you want to correct as a single unit.