How does DEQX correct the room?

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After the loudspeaker calibration phase is completed one or more room measurements are taken from the listening position to compensate for room acoustics. Multiple measurements are made to average calibration over a wide listening area, or a single sweet spot measurement provides reference-quality results for an audience of one or two. Four presets allow a variety of configurations to be saved.

If the bass is independently amplified, as is the case with powered subwoofers or bi-amplified speakers, it can be measured for speaker calibration from the listening position that provides better results as it includes room acoustics without compromising midrange clarity.

After speaker calibration is completed only minimal room calibration is required and that focuses mainly on bass frequencies. DEQX’s multiband minimum-phase parametric EQ can be automatically or manually set or manipulated for personal preferences. Four profiles can store different preferences for recall via the remote.

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