What is impulse response and what does DEQX do with it?

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A speaker’s impulse response refers to the reaction of its drivers to an input as a function of time. One of DEQX’s main features is providing low-latency impulse response correction. This new generation of low-latency FIR/IIR digital signal processing was actually pioneered by DEQX for speaker calibration in the 1990’s.

The speaker’s measured impulse response defines its timing/phase and amplitude accuracy at any given frequency. DEQX uses Convolution FTT to redefine the speaker’s impulse response to correct the relatively dramatic errors it introduces compared to the more subtle errors of other component your system.

The audio signal is processed prior to the power amplifiers that drive the speakers so it is connected like a traditional equalizer but that’s where all similarities end. DEQX compensates for the errors measured in your speakers! This is very different from traditional equalization that’s unable to correct critical phase errors at different frequencies.

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