DEQX Gen-4 Beta order form

Our Wave 4 Beta release is now available!

As we recently announced, a limited number of production Pre-8, Pre-4 units will be available to new and existing customers willing to join the 4th wave of our limited Gen-4 Beta software group.

For early Beta Group members, some software features will not be available at time of delivery. In consideration of this, considerable discounts apply for early access to Gen-4 units.

The release version of the software is expected Q3 2024.

The tables below show the international and Australian MSRP and Beta Member pricing.

  • These prices include a standard calibrated microphone.
  • For international customers landing costs (including VAT or import duties) may apply.
  • No trade-in is required.
  • Existing DEQX users will also receive free freight.
  • Limited stock available for Wave 4.
  • Prices may vary closer to release date.

International Pricing

Pre-8 USD$15,950 USD$7,975
Pre-8-CF (Cosmetic Flaws) N/A USD$7,475
Pre-4 USD$14,500 USD$7,250

Australian Pricing (including GST)

Pre-8 AUD$23,500 AUD$11,750
Pre-8-CF (Cosmetic Flaws) N/A AUD$10,950
Pre-4 AUD$21,400 AUD$10,700

Order Process

  1. Please fill in the form below with your details with the accessory options and press the "Submit" button.
  2. Our accounts department will process the order and provide our invoice for a 50% deposit with purchase details and payment methods (Credit Cards, PayPal, & Funds transfer).
  3. Existing DEQX users should include their current DEQX processor serial number, in the “additional information” box, to receive free shipping.
  4. We expect to be shipping your unit within 90 days of receiving your deposit.
  5. Despatch by DHL follows payment of the balance plus shipping for customers who are not eligible for free shipping.
  6. Shipping by DHL Express is US$170 worldwide or A$95 in Australia.
  7. Note for international customers: Landing costs (inc. VAT or import duties) may apply.

Beta Member Program Terms and Conditions

  1. Beta Test Group Membership is included with a beta unit purchase.
  2. The Beta group members have access to a maximum of 120 beta test units.
  3. The hardware is not expected to change. However, if a hardware update is deemed necessary during the software beta testing phase, the cost to users for DIY installation will not exceed US$500. If preferred, units can be returned to our factory or service agents with the owner responsible for inbound freight costs.
  4. Beta hardware units may contain very minor cosmetic blemishes - typically near imperceptible.
  5. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION: Beta group members may receive confidential information and software issue reports. DEQX will provide several beta software updates prior to production software, including new features when added.
  6. Pre-8 testing to date (alpha testing) has reduced concerns of damage to speaker drivers. However new Beta releases can inadvertently introduce potential hazards, particularly to unprotected tweeters. Caution is advised if using particularly expensive transducers with Beta software. If you are concerned, please contact for precautionary instructions.
  7. Standard 2-year return to factory warranty is provided for beta members.
  8. As software is in beta phase, we provide a free online DEQXpert consult to be arranged after the unit has been delivered.
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